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I bought a Cub Cadet 760 mower last year to replace my old 21" Honda. The quad Honda mower cuts and mulches grass wonderfully but is just too small for my 1 acre yard. I bought the CC760 because it was bigger than the Honda but still small enough to fit through my fence gate. I chose Cub Cadet because they used to have a good reputation as a well built machine. I was unaware that Cub Cadet was purchased by the MTD Corporation and they are only riding on the good name of Cub Cadet, MTD does not produce quality machines.

Since new, my CC 760 has cuts grass very poorly; the grass is not cut thoroughly and numerous grass blades are left standing at full length in the wake of cutting. In addition, the side discharge clumps cuttings very badly even on dry grass and it absolutely, positively will not mulch dry grass – large, full length grass clumps are left on the lawn. Worse cut I have ever had on a mower. I am very dissatisfied with this machine.

Blade speed is everything with a good cutting mower as the faster the blades turn the more suction is developed under the mower deck and the more suction, the straighter the grass is pulled up to be cut. A fast turning blade also cuts the grass quicker with less torn and ragged stems left behind. My CC 760 seems to have a very low blade speed. My CC 760's engine runs at a lower RPM than other mowers I have owned, I think it is the same engine that is on my Craftsman snow blower, and snow blowers are not designed to turn at the same high RPMs lawn mowers do. Perhaps the low RMP engine on my mower was left over from when MTD Corporation switched the assembly line from building snow blowers to building lawn mowers at the end of the season (Cub Cadet builds snow blowers too). That might explain why I have such a slow turning motor on my lawn mower.

My CC 760 has not been reliable: the first season I had the mower, the engine had a valve break and the piston seized up. The repair was covered under warranty but it took three weeks before the mower was returned to me.

My CC 760 is poorly engineered; after my mower was returned from the valve mishap, I ran over a high spot on my lawn and scalped the top of a small rise. By scalped I mean that the blades struck dirt, no rocks, and bent the mower deck and spindle. Strangely enough, the blade did not bend, only the mower… I guess the blades are stronger than the machine itself.

Like everyone else, I am feeling the financial pinch of the economic times and simply do not have the money to buy another lawnmower. I wish I would have saved the money I spent on my CC760 and used those funds to buy a better machine. I will eventually have to replace my crummy Cub Cadet mower if I want a nicely cut lawn.

This is just my experience with my Cub Cadet 760 lawn mower

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Mount Pleasant, Michigan, United States #1329076

I had the same experiences you have had. I did turn the engine speed up and it did help a little.

The ergonomics of this mower are also poor. I had to extend the gear shift lever, since I found bending over every time I needed to go to reverse was a pain.

I also found that often the deck height adjustment would often get caught on low branches and fall to the lowest setting. I have also had issues with the blade belt jumping its cogs and resulting in blade crashes.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #1191648

Do your blades seem to be slowing down when you get into high grass? I have had this same thing happen to me.

As strange as it seems. Check the tension on the pto belt. That is the longest belt on the mower it self. The specs call for a 72.2 belt radius.

That is not so. Get a belt that is 71 inches. Here in Omaha we have a place called tractor supply where you can get a husky brand for 16 dollars.

Mine runs like a champ now. Good luck


I mulch my lawn everytime & my cub cadet cc 760 es does a fantastic job.


I feel your pain. The same is happening to me.


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Parkville, Maryland, United States #859809

Not sure why you guys are having issues. Mine runs fine, cuts the grass better than any mower I've used.

I use this mower as a commercial mower, cutting at highest or second highest deck height (like you should be).

Climbs hills and even pulls me up them. And the walking instead of riding keeps me in shape.


At best, it's a so-so mower overall. It can't mulch worth a ***.

Even if the grass isn't very high and completely dry it leaves clumps. So I had to buy their $160 bagger which is *** too. And don't get me started on the deck height settings.

The highest setting is more like a middle setting on any other mower. I had a 22" toro before this and it mowed circles around the 760.

Hoosick Junction, New York, United States #719330

Poorly written complaint.

If you took the machine to an authorized dealer to have it serviced for your complaints, would have shown how *** you sound.

The 344cc Briggs and Stratton or the 420cc MTD engines are verical shaft engines, not used in horizontal snow thrower applications.

I own a CC 760 ES with a B&S engine.

Running at too low a cutting height will scalp, and a poorly graded yard will scalp with mower at higher cutting height.

It sounds as if you do not know how to cut grass.

Cutting grass that is too tall will clump no matter what.

I have owned my machine for over 3 years and have had no problems.

Regular cleaning/lubing and the required greasing keep my machine running. If your lift handle is getting caught in shrubs, either trim back the shrubs, or cut away from them.

Also besides the hype from Honda and some it their dealers, Honda products are not premium equipment.

MTD has owned Cub Cadet since 1981, so your not very aware of equipment makers.

to Anonymous Dayton, Ohio, United States #961651

I have the 760es, don't even use it anymore...kept braking cables and it wont mulch...poorly designed machine.


I purchased this mower last summer and it has been the worst cutting mower I have owned. It simply does not mulch at all.

The transmission belt had to be replaced twice just after purchase. The battery died once. The cable which allows the engine to run in neutral while the blades are turning (so you can control the mowere during turns and maneuver around trees and shrubs) snapped and caused the handle to jab into my stomach as the mower stopped abruptly when I released the drive handle as I was attempting to turn the mower after cutting a long row.

The cabel appears to be very narrow and the connection to the engine looks makeshift. Poor quality--do not buy!!!


I too am not satisfied with the 760ES. It's the poorest-cutting machine I've ever used; always leaves a ridge of uncut grass on the right.

Mulching feature is essentially useless. Positioning of gear shift is really clumsy.

Can't find useful information in the manual, such as if there is battery recharging feature. I'm going to look for another machine, after two summers / 60 hours of use.


I too purchased a CC 760 and I'm very unhappy with the mower compared to the 15 year old 33" Troy Built it replaced. The controls use cables instead of direct linkages and the overall integrity of the mower is substandard.

The height adjustment lever is constantly getting caught in shrubs while mowing.

At the end of the season I'm going to trade this substandard mower in for an Ariens 34" walk behind. I wished I had done my research thoroughly before buying the 760, since I would have bought the Ariens Wide Area Walk 34"


sounds like user error to me. You really think that assembly plants just "throw a left over engine" from a snow blower onto a lawn mower?

Do you really think that the engines are completely swap-able? This review is silly.


Should say that I agree the mulching leaves a lot to be desired.


Not sure why you are having trouble. I just purchased one and my lawn looks like a golf course after mowing.

Maybe your problem is you are comparing a Cub to a Honda, if you are going to do that then compare the price too.

I have a Tohatsu outboard for my boat, no where near as good as a Honda but 80% as good and half the price. Last year I sold a Toro 42 inch Zero Turn Mower, a good mower but I think the yard looks better after cutting with the CC760

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