I bought a new LTX1050 in June for a little over $2000 and it has only 11hrs on it and the hydrostatic rear end lost power.Took it to the store I purchased it from like they told me.

I get there and they said it would take 4-6weeks to get my tractor back. Unless I took it myself to a local cub cadet repair shop. So I had to drive it 30 miles to the repair shop said it would be only 7-10 day's to fix the defected rear end on it. It has been over 2 weeks and still don't have it back yet!

I called cub cadet to see if they would do something for me about this. They told me it didn't matter if I bought a $100 machine or $2000 machine it was first come first serve! I asked how about a discount on future products from cub cadet for this inconvince and they refused to do so. I bought this tractor to get my lawn done faster and to use to plow my driveway in the winter season.

But if it can't handle just doing the lawn how will it handle in the winter for snow removal in my driveway?! I couldn't believe that for the money you spend on thier product that they wouldn't want to satisfy the customer at all!! They claim that is what the warranty is in place for.

I think they should give an extended warranty or gift card on future purchases espically if that product didn't last that long in the first place!Thanks for nothing Cub cadet!

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