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I read the reviews of Kohler here and was disheartened. Here I thought Kohler was a top of the line engine. Not anymore. Go to and it gets worse, much worse. With the number of complaints, has there ever been a class action lawsuit? You have to ask yourself about the ethics of both organizations. They know they have a problem and they just keep on going producing ***. They push it on their dealers and they push ***. Why don't... Read more

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purchased this 1050 from home depot in 2013. started breaking deck belts starting from first season.taking to dealer once a year to get belt replaced because problem has never been fixed under original warranty! i believe i took to dealer twice one season for broken deck belt.the yahoos at dealership give you lies like{you are mowing to low}. told them how can i mow to low when i have it on highest setting which is 11. that is a whole other... Read more

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Will NEVER recommend Cub Cadet to anyone! bought a LTX 1050 around the same time. Today it has 50 hours on it . Thats because its always broken. Gotta fix something almost everytime its used. I too was told they dont back their product from Home Depot. Well, to me, this means you shouldnt allow your name to go on the product! ITS YOUR PRODUCT, YOUR NAME IS ON IT, YOU GOT MY $2000. WE have a problem. If your offices were local, Id get mower... Read more

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2013 ltx1050kw 50" deck breaks belts 50 hrs on mower 4 broken belts at 54$ a piece .throws belt of of the pulleys .piece of *** never again will i buy cubcadet dealer blames the operator of miss use .

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LTX 1045 / 110HRs #1 - Belt / Deck Pully system Belts blow apart usually twice a year. Pully on mower deck does not sit aligned to tractor pully. Dealer said it is correct? #2 - Deck blade spindles There are NO places to grease. Sealed bearings. Unfortunately they do not stay sealed forever (in my case 2 years / 80 HRS or so). Have had to replace them all. #3 - Electrical connections to head lamps. Just driving around i see people cutting... Read more

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Well thought we were buying a great mower for the season. Boy were we wrong !!! Not even a year old and having trouble with the belt staying on the blame mower !!! We are for sure going to share this with our local Tractor Supply who carries this piece of junk !!!! There should be a recall !!! Thought this was going to be our last mower for a while, but we were WRONG !!! This company should stand behind their product !!! We will not ever buy... Read more

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Bought a new cub cadet riding mower (with fabricated deck) and also a couple of push mowers and a trailer from the cub cadet dealer on Stone Drive in Kingsport. We have spend a lot of money there and should be considered "very good customers." We have had nothing but problems with the new "top of the line" mower. It has taken weeks (yes, weeks!!) to get repairs done. The dealership has no sense of customer service whatsoever. They are more... Read more

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My 2005 LT1045 throws belts and breaks deck belts all the time. Really regret buying a cub cadet.

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Cub Cadet - Review in Landscaping and Gardening category from Plainsboro, New Jersey
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I won an XT1 Cub Cadet in a raffle and paid NY state tax upon delivery from ECK in Syracuse NY. ECK is a reasonable business except the Cub Cadet XT 1 I won developed splits on the top of the seat (see picture).I have owned it 7 day less than a year. I called Cub Cadet customer (not)service and they stated that the seat was not covered under warranty as per written warranty which includes normal wear and tear items like tires. Seats are included... Read more

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I agree with you! I bought a 2010 Cub Cadet LTX 1045 in 2011 and it has been nothing but a pain in the A$$. First time mowing the belt popped off, then 3 more times before breaking the belt. I'm on belt number 8 now and keep going. I've had the supposed "warranty service" done to the mower at 20 hours but the Authorized Repair Facility claims there was nothing wrong. Put a new spindle and belt on it and said it was done. about 3 cuts later the... Read more

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