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54 in anniversary edition less than 100 hrs on it. Deck fails to operate frequently, power steering failed, engine stops when pto engaged, loose brake release. Has been in the shop twice for some of the same issues, more keep cropping up. Very dissatisfied and disappointed. Will never have another. This was a $5000 mower. Shame on you IH. My husband retired from there. Add comment

Cub cadet can not even get dealers to work on transaxle , has not been able to mow yard without transmission quit pulling. Changed oil , dealers changed oil still not pulling. Now out of warranty. Do not buy cub cadet will not stand behind product, just a cheap MTD product anyway Add comment

Brand-new Weedwhacker brought it home couldn't get it primed no gas to the globe push that thing over 500 times called customer service got a very rude lady made me very frustrated so I asked her what the her problem is no threats no more than that threaten to record me turn me into law-enforcement I will never buy a cup get a product again and I will bring it back to the store they can refund my money then the store can put in their garbage compactor now cup that is out-of a Weedwhacker that's what I get for calling customer service set up... Read more

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1 mile on a 2015 cub cadet challenger 700.Bought December 3,2015.Found oil leaking,told dealer.He told me it was spilled oil,it kept leaking.The dealer and CC had to find a place to fix it.The dealer was 180 miles away.Its been in the shop since January 16,2016 today is March 2,2016.The repair shop took it apart and ordered the oil seal,within the first week.On Febuary 22,2016 I called the repair shop and was told the part had not came.I called the dealer and CC and was told the part got shipped around Feb 15,2016,but there is no tracking... Read more

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Bought a Z-force S 54'' mower in 2013 for our mini farm.cut about 2 acres each time used. Always kept in barn, cleaned deck, changed oil and all filters when needed, tire pressure, etc.,etc.,etc. After 3 years, started to leak oil from engine (where--we never could find), the transmission would slip -- oil in it was full and clean. it cut great, my wife loved it, but all the troubles, no longer want another. Going back to a John Deere. Read more

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This machine was purchased approx. 1 to 1 /2 years ago. It has been in the shop longer than a have had it at home. First it was to replace the idling plies and in the mower deck, then the Transmission had to be replaced. After that it was a problem with the PTO mechanism. Now it is back and has to go back to the shop to adjust the carbonator. I also have a 25 year old Statesman which hasn't given me this much trouble in its entire time. Would I ever buy another Cub Cadet? I'll leave you to decide that. Read more

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I went with the Cub SLT1554 because I believed the cub cadet to be a quality product, and I thought the Kohler engines were bullet proof. I also liked that it had the 54" deck with a 27HP engine. Unfortunately, the engine has blown head gaskets after only about 5 years which is a well known problem, and the tractor is not really built to last. I will never buy a Cub again. I wish I now would have kept my old 1970's Jacobsen. That was in better shape after many years of hard use than my Cub is in a fraction of the time. Read more

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Purchased this trimmer 1.5 years ago for $200. It has been the biggest piece of *** I've ever seen. There are several reviews having the same problem. Pull cord seized up (twice) and leaking oil. This is a known problem and CC refuses to acknowledge it. They do not stand behind their products or care for the customer. Buy at your own risk, they will NEVER get another dime from me!!! Add comment

DO NOT BUY parts form - Shipping is TERRIBLE, see step 5 and 6 below it make you sick to do business with - transferred to your local post office. 1. Middleburg Heights, OH, United States 10/09/2015 3:28 A.M. Departure Scan 2. Hodgkins, IN, United States 10/09/2015 12:17 P.M. Departure Scan 3. Oak Creek, WI, United States 10/09/2015 8:56 P.M. Departure Scan 4. Elm Grove, WI, United States 10/12/2015 9:47 A.M. Delivery has been rescheduled due to holiday closures. / Your delivery has been... Read more

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this is the biggest piece of f****** junk I've ever bought I wouldn't have it thrown in my grave with me. They could take it and shove it in your f****** ***. Rzt 50" Add comment

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